Evening Menu


  • Bread and olives   £4 /£7 (for sharing serves 2 or 3). Homemade crusty bread, served with aged balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and marinated olives with garlic.
  • Homemade soup of the day served with our own crust bread and butter. £4.50
  • Chicken liver pate. A smooth homemade pate with brandy served with toast and chutney. £6.00
  • Griddled Halloumi served with a caper and lime dressing over a bed of crisp salad leaves. £6.00 (V, GF)
  • Creamy mushrooms with fresh parsley served on toasted bread. £6.00 (V)
  • Whitebait served with Tartare sauce, brown bread and butter £6.00


  • Lasagne with a rich red wine ragu served with garlic bread, chips and a dressed green salad. £12
  • Moroccan Lamb, slow roasted with warm spices and apricots served on a bed of jewelled couscous. £13
  • Chicken Supreme served with a mushroom sauce with creamed potatoes and seasonal vegetables.  £13
  • Roasted Vegetable lasagne with a rich tomato sauce served with garlic bread a dressed green salad and chips £12.00
  • Salmon fillet pan fried, served with a Tuscan tomato and basil sauce, new potatoes and broccoli spears  £14
  • In House dry aged Sirloin steak served with chunky chips, garlic mushrooms, onion rings, tomatoes and peas. £17
  • Homemade peppercorn or stilton sauce £2.50 (GF)
  • Spiced nut loaf, filled with roasted vegetables, chestnuts, quinoa, and freah herbs, served with a smoky tomato sauce, chunky chips and salad garnish. (VGN) (GF)  £12
  • Please ask a member of staff if you have any dietary requirements.
  • For Gluten free options please ask.
  • For our Catch of the day  please see our specials board.


  • Desserts see pudding board from £5.50
  • Ice cream – £4.00
  • Tea/ Coffee
  • Cafetiere Coffee – £2.30
  • English or Fruit Tea – £2.00
  • Irish coffee – £4.25

Please book your table by calling us on 01538 382865 • PLEASE ASK FOR ANY ALLERGIES OR DIETARY REQUIREMENTS

Mains   £7.00 ( includes childrens ice-cream )

  • Fish fingers chips or mash, peas or beans
  • Chicken nuggets chips or mash, peas or beans.
  • Sausages chips or mash, peas or beans
  • Vegetable lasagne and garlic bread
  • Lasagne and garlic bread
  • Beef burger chips peas or beans
  • Fried eggs chips peas or beans
  • Quorn sausage chips peas or beans

To follow

  • Ice cream ( strawberry, vanilla, chocolate )   £3.50
  • Small pudding from our menu    £4.00